Drafting A Cabinet -- Like A Parlor Game! : Blog Of The Nation Who will be in the next president's cabinet -- who's the dream team?
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Drafting A Cabinet — Like A Parlor Game!

Winning this election is a little like losing, too -- after all, this moment in history is a rough one. Every issue has a crisis attached -- financial, energy, national security. Whoever wins this thing is going to need a serious group of brains to help out. One of the fun things about picking a fantasy cabinet for a McCain or Obama presidency is that it's like choosing who you want to have dinner with -- alive or dead. You can pick anyone! On Foreign Policy's "Dream Team" web section, you'll find some pretty wild picks, including Buckminster Fuller, who, despite his qualifications, is missing one important one -- a heartbeat. You can go to their website and try your own hand at picking a cabinet, or check out Ebonyjet.com's Fantasy Draft.