How Can You Possibly Be Undecided? : Blog Of The Nation It sometimes feels like we've been talking about this campaign since 1776, so if you're still undecided, why?
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How Can You Possibly Be Undecided?

We've been talking about this presidential election for the last two years. In some circles, the conversation has been going on even longer. Now, with three weeks to go before voters head off to the polls, both campaigns are focusing on one ever-shrinking group: undecided voters. That fact irks Ezra Klein, as he wrote in Sunday's Los Angeles Times:

It's a bit odd that we give the Undecided Voter such a privileged place in American elections. Because from a civic standpoint, few creatures are as contemptible. This election has dominated every form of American news media for the better part of two years. Newspapers, magazines, networks, cable, radio, blogs, people on street corners with signs — it's really been rather hard to miss. Further, it pits two extremely different candidates against each other. Whether your metric is age, ideology, temperament, race, funding sources, healthcare plans or Iraq strategies, it would be hard to imagine two men presenting a starker contrast.

Given the length of the campaign, the ads, the debates, the rallies, the talk shows, the blogs, the polls, the robo-calls, the attacks and rebuttals, if you're still undecided, what do you need to hear to make up your mind?