Last Call For Junkies : Blog Of The Nation Last call for Political Junkies... only six days until the country votes for a new president, what do you expect to happen in the coming days?
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Last Call For Junkies

Today is our last junkie show before the country elects a new president (we'll be back next Wednesday of course, but after the election). That's six days, millions of dollars in ads, last minute campaign trips to swing states, one final dash to the polls, and lots of NoDoz for Ken Rudin.

New polls show Barack Obama with a sizeable lead in several swing states, but a narrowing lead nationally. And the state of Florida is now nearly up for grabs. Ken will let us know what to watch for in the final days, and come election night. He'll also talk about the Democrats' chances at a filibuster-proof Senate, Sarah Palin's political future - win or lose - and how a unanimous vote in Washington shiatsued the career of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK).