My Never Ending Netflix Queue : Blog Of The Nation I may get around to letting Netflix send me A Foreign Affair but first I just want to see Iron Man.
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My Never Ending Netflix Queue

At the bottom of my Netflix queue are about two dozen classic films, documentaries, and recommendations from friends that I really do mean to watch (eventually). It's just that I keep bumping the action flicks and dramas to the top of the list instead. And when the next silent film, or docu-drama does drop through my mailbox, it sits on the coffee table for weeks. Eric Zorn, the Chicago Tribune columnist, wrote yesterday that he recently decided he is not a Netflix guy:

We ended up keeping movies or HBO episode collections around for half a year or so. Which, even at the lowest membership rate of $5 a month (limit 2 per month), meant we were spending more not to watch the discs than it would have cost us to buy them new.
I know, from conversations with others, that I'm not alone in being (or having been) an engine for the profits of Netflix. I also know that this phenomenon -- investing in the kind of person you think you are instead of the kind of person you actually are -- extends beyond Netflix.

Any other Netflixers want to fess up to stagnant queues of great old films that you may never actually want to watch?