Name That Paper : Blog Of The Nation Am I the only one who suddenly couldn't tell the difference between The Times and The Journal?
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Scott Cameron, NPR

This has been months in the making, but this morning I reached into my bag to pull out The New York Times and instead grabbed The Wall Street Journal. The kicker: I didn't realize it until the third page.
A little background: If you're a fan of either paper, you know that The Journal is famous for its stark black and white images, usually hand-drawn sketches, and its graphs, charts, etc. Color on the front page of The Journal was almost unheard of. Until just recently, The Journal was also significantly wider than many other broadsheets, including The New York Times. The Times, on the other hand, will often grab you with a dramatic, full color image above the fold on the front page. To my eye, graphs and charts tend to appear lower on the page, or inside the paper.

When Rupert Murdoch bought The Journal he promised changes, and many in the news business expected him to go gunning for the huge national audience of The Times... with more political coverage and lifestyle features to complement The Journal's bread and butter business reporting. Now, look at that side-by-side image at the top of this post, and tell me the changes are not striking. Anyone read The Journal and want to chime in on the differences...