October 13th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour "The Last Lynching" with Ted Koppel, and the firing the McCain campaign staff. In our second hour, the author of "Toward the Setting Sun: Columbus, Cabot, Vespucci, and the Race for America," and de-listing North Korea.
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October 13th Show

Neal Conan is back at our NPR headquarters in Washington (for the time being) and in our first hour, he'll talk to Ted Koppel about a new documentary entitled The Last Lynching that airs tonight on the Discovery Channel. In it, Koppel focuses on three Americans whose lives were deeply affected by acts of hatred and racism, and investigates the last recorded lynching incident that surprisingly took place in 1981. And we also hope to answer this question: Now that an African American may be our next president, how much progress have we really made? Then, on our opinion page, New York Times columnist William Kristol explains why he believes John McCain should fire his campaign.

To celebrate this Columbus Day holiday, we'll be joined by author and historian David Boyle in our second hour. In his new book entitled Toward the Setting Sun: Columbus, Cabot, Vespucci, and the Race for America , Boyle explores the relationship between the three men and their joint venture in crossing the Atlantic. At the end of the hour, Victor Cha, director of Asian studies at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Pacific Council, will discuss the Bush administration's recent move to de-list North Korea from the list of states that sponsor terrorism.