October 23rd Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, voter irregularities and "the hemline index". In our second hour, replanning a planned retirement in the current economic climate.
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October 23rd Show

Election Day is less than two weeks away and reports show that voters have turned out in record numbers in states that allow early voting. But concerns of voter fraud looms as Election Day draws nearer, and both presidential parties have warned that the other side plans to steal the election. In our first hour, we want to hear from you, particularly those of you who have participated in early voting in your state. What did you see? What will be your biggest concern come Election Day? Do you trust this election? Then, we'll talk to you about your "hemline index." What indicator tells you the economy is really, really bad?

In our second hour, we'll talk about your plans to re-plan your retirement. Stock prices have fallen and retirement funds have lost money, and for some it may mean having to reconsider their plans for retirement. We'll talk to one woman who had to change her retirement plans after she and her spouse lost thousands of dollars in their portfolio. And the director of financial security at AARP will explain how the financial crisis is changing retirement plans. Our ender topic for the hour is coming soon, so stay tuned.