October 27th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, how ballot measures on gay marriage and abortion are playing out, and why voting for John McCain may be the best choice for liberals. In our second hour, alternative investments, and a Michael Gerson talks about John McCain and...
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October 27th Show

In our first hour today, we'll look at both sides of ballot measures on gay marriage in California ,and abortion in South Dakota. Then, on our opinion page, Jonathan Rauch will explain why he believes that for liberals concerned with climate change and health care, the best thing MAY be to vote for John McCain.

In the midst of the current financial storm and with stock markets falling, we want to know: Where are you investing your money now? In our first our, we'll talk with Joseph Borg, director of the Alabama Securities Commission, and Jennifer Levitz, reporter for the Wall Street Journal about what people do when stock markets tank. At the end of the hour, we kick off a week-long series of conversations with four poeple who will make the case for the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates on foreign and domestic policy. Today, we'll talk about John McCain and the conservative base with Michael Gerson, former deputy assistant to the President, and former principal speech writer for George W. Bush.