October 2nd Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, how the credit crisis effects small businesses, and staging an all-male cast of "Romeo and Juliet." In our second hour, we'll find out how stuff gets made with Marshall Brain, and our "This American Moment" series with author a...
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October 2nd Show

Our economy relies on short-term capital funding -- it's how many businesses make payroll, for instance -- and if the current financial crisis causes the credit market to dry up, businesses may find themselves without any means to keep money flowing. In our first hour, we'll leave Wall Street, and walk down Main Street, to focus on what the credit crisis could mean for small businesses and business owners. Then, we'll talk to David Muse, the director of an all-male production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juiet, and actor James Davis who portrays Juliet.

Have you ever wondered how fireworks know just when to explode? What makes an airbag deploy so fast? Or how something goes from an assembly line to "voila" the final product. Marshall Brain has, too. He's the founder of HowStuffWorks.com and the host of National Geographic's "Factory Floor with Marshall Brain." He'll also be a guest on our show in our second hour. Now is your chance to ask him a question about how ordinary stuff gets made. At the end of the hour, we'll continue our "This American Moment" series with author and activist Eboo Patel.