Rudin In Roanoke : Blog Of The Nation If it's Wednesday it must be Virginia! Our swing state road trip continues this week, in a state that's not used to being in that role. So, what makes a red state go blue??
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Rudin In Roanoke

If you listen much on Wednesdays, you know what an experience it can be to spend an hour with Ken Rudin (aka: the Political Junkie). Well, picture this: The TOTN crew drove from DC to Roanoke, Virginia yesterday after the show. Four hours. Ken Rudin. With sugar and caffeine. I wish we could have live blogged the trip, and videotaped the whole thing. But, then we may all be out of jobs.

My point: We're in Virginia today, the last stop on our swing state road trip. It's not a role Virginia is used to playing, it's voted reliably Republican for years. This year, the race is much closer and the state is on the verge of shifting from red, to purple, to blue on the electoral map. Ohio, Colorado, and others are in similar circumstances. So, if you're in a state that's changing colors this election, what's driving the shift?