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Looking back at the campaigns... Newsweek reporters spill all the best secrets. Source: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images hide caption

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Source: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Yesterday, I was driving back into Washington D.C., and I passed the Washington Times building. They have a large digital display of whatever their top headlines are, and I happened to pass at the most salacious moment, underneath this juicy headline: "Sarah Palin, in a Towel, Greets Top McCain Advisers." I did not drive off the road. But I did go home and read the first three chapters of Newsweek's extensive reporting project called Secrets of the 2008 Campaign, which is a bit like reading Us Weekly for political junkies. Newsweek's special team of reporters were granted year-long access to both campaigns on the condition that none of their findings appear until after Election Day. Seven chapters later, and I've learned that Hillary Clinton and John McCain did shots together on Senate junkets; on the McCain bus, Lindsey Graham started calling his Senate pal "Joe the Biden," which McCain thought was a riot; and when Obama called his chief strategist, David Axelrod, the ringtone was "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" by Stevie Wonder. There's so much detail in the pieces -- it's truly addictive. So, print 'em out, put on a cup of tea, and cuddle up with the cable news on mute. It's time for the real campaign story.