Killing Time : Blog Of The Nation Early voters in many states stood in long lines to cast their ballot in this presidential election. Help out the rest of us: What advice do you have for anyone caught in long lines tomorrow.
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Frontline, Patti Smith's Horses, Radio Lab, Nancy Ajram's Betfakkar Fi Eih?! and Umm Kulthum's Greatest Hits.
What do all these things have in common?? They were all furiously added to my iPod to kill time during a twelve hour flight last week.
Why do I bring this up? Well, while the theme of both campaigns may have been Change, no doubt for many voters tomorrow the theme will be more along the lines of wait. I voted absentee this election, so there will be no long lines for me, but the last time I had time to kill (hopefully your wait will be less than twelve hours) I loaded up my ipod. I love to read. However, when I want time to fly by I opt for the audible... looks like this guy took the arts and crafts route.
Mandy Trimble of WOSU joins us from the field to report on how Ohio voters are passing the time in early voter lines.
If you're expecting a long wait tomorrow, or if you've already endured lines at the polls, share your time killing techniques with us!