Not Your Parents Homeland : Blog Of The Nation If your parents came to America to provide you with a better life, what happens if you return in search of your own better life? To paraphrase: Why are they here if you are there?
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Not Your Parents Homeland

This NYT essay caught my eye... it's part economic story, part family history. Anand Giridharadas left the country he grew up in to find work in a country overseas. The catch: the country he left is the United States; and the country he moved to is the place his parents left to find a better life: India.

Which raises a heart-stirring question: If our parents left India and trudged westward for us, if they manufactured from scratch a new life there for us, if they slogged, saved, sacrificed to make our lives lighter than theirs, then what does it mean when we choose to migrate to the place they forsook?
If we are here, what are they doing there?