November 11th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, the future of the Republican Party, the 15th anniversary of Wired Magazine's "Return to Sender" contest, and your letters. In our second hour, how does your faith define death?, and what we WON'T miss about Campaign '08.
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November 11th Show

Coming off Senator McCain's defeat last week and the unpopularity of President Bush as he prepares to leave office, Republicans are struggling to define the future of the party. In our first hour, we'll talk about the future of the GOP and ask Republicans where the party goes from here. Then, we'll talk to Joanna Pearlstein of Wired magazine about the 15th anniversary of their "Return to Sender" contest. (What's the strangest thing you've ever sent or received in the mail?) At the end of the hour, we'll read from your emails and blog comments.

A legal battle is underway between a Washington D.C. hospital and the parents of twelve-year- old Motl Brody who has been in a coma since June. Motl's doctors say he has no brain function and is therefore deceased and should be taken off life support. Motl's parents, who are Orthodox Jews, say that according to their beliefs, a person is dead only when their heart and lungs stop working. Where is the line drawn between science and religion? And how does your faith define death? In our second hour, we particularly want to hear from those of you who have been in a similar situation. What factors went into your decision about life and death? Then, on a much lighter note, at the end of the hour we'll talk to Time magazine's Ana Marie Cox about what we WON'T miss about Campaign '08.