November 12th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, the Political Junkie, and Google flu trends. In our second hour, "Make it Plain" author Vernon Jordan, Jr. and NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard answers your questions about NPR's coverage of the presidential campaign.
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November 12th Show

It's Wednesday. We're not at the Newseum, but we are with Ken Rudin!!! On today's Political Junkie we'll talk about the still undecided races in Alaska, California, Ohio and Virginia, John McCain's plans to campaign for Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), and what Gov. Sarah Palin has been saying in the network and cable TV spotlight lately. And of course Ken will have this week's trivia question. Then, we'll find out how in the world Google can estimate flu outbreaks days before the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

In his new book, Make it Plain: A Life of Speaking, Vernon Jordan, Jr. outlines how storytelling, preaching and speechmaking have shaped the oral traditions of African Americans. The author and former chairman of President Clinton's transition team will join us in our second hour to discuss how African Americans have fought through social injustices and carved a way through history with the power of words. Then, NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard will answer your questions about our reporting during the presidential campaign. Do you think NPR's coverage was biased?