November 4th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, election day voting experiences and election night party tips. In our second hour, military personnel discuss what the next president needs to know about their jobs and their lives, and an update on the Supreme Court hearing to...
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November 4th Show

It's here. Election Day is finally here! You can feel the buzz in the air. How are you feeling today? What's going on where you are? Really, we want to know. In our first hour of special election coverage, we want to talk to you about what is going through your mind and your experiences with voting today. Have you run into any problems? Also, NPR's senior Washington editor Ron Elving will tell us what to expect from television networks as the votes are being tallied tonight. Then, we'll move from day into night. Peter Sagal, the host of NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" will talk about how to plan the ultimate election night party, and syndicated columnist Amy Dickinson will discuss proper etiquette once you arrive at said party. (No taunting the losing team, folks.)

The men and women serving in the armed forces have a lot at stake in this presidential election Most importantly—Iraq and Afghanistan. In our second hour, we'll hear from military personnel and their families about what they believe the next president needs to know about the military, their jobs and their lives. Then, we'll talk with Los Angeles Times Supreme Court reporter David Savage about today's Supreme Court hearing to decide whether the FCC should ban "fleeting expletives" on live television.