Unintentional Hilarity: Where The Cool People Live : Blog Of The Nation Unintentional Hilarity goes to a swank condo in DC.
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Unintentional Hilarity: Where The Cool People Live

Sometimes, hilarity strikes where you least expect it: on your walk home. Back before the economy was circling the drain, a fancy, early millennium-style building popped up on an upmarket D.C. corner — there's a Whole Foods across the street, a couple of bars that serve olive oil (instead of frozen butter) with their bread, and a hardware store that stocks a wide range of expensive holiday decorations. Now, of course, the building is trying desperately to sell its fancy units, by appealing to the egos of the folks looking at those swank pads. Silhouettes of the kind of cool people who might live there decorate the sides of the building: a slender woman carrying shopping bags, a broad shouldered dude with a gym bag, two guys inexplicably wearing scarves. Here, friends, is the end-all be-all of coolness.

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Source: Barrie Hardymon

That's right, guys, move into that building, and you will be surrounded by glamazons walking their dogs, and dudes... staring at their Blackberrys. Yep! 'CAUSE IT'S COOL.