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Deals, Deals, Deals

After a mildly encouraging Black Friday, retailers have high hopes for the success of Cyber Monday. I have a hard time shopping on a schedule, avoid Black Friday like the plague (har), and generally have too much work to do on Cyber Monday to peruse the deals, but I thought I'd put together a little cheat sheet in case I have some time tonight to burn through my credit limit. (Barrie's at a screening of Frost/Nixon right now for a segment later, but I anticipate she'll have something to add.) So let's get the ball rolling.

Ian Paul at PC World's got a great roundup of digital deals, on everything from computers to camera gear to GPS systems. He says the "big lure this season is free shipping," so don't be afraid to shop online.

CheapTweet, a roundup of deals making the Twitter rounds, has its list here. It's dense, but it covers a wide range -- it seems to get at smaller sales you might not find on major aggregators, like at artist Justine Ehlers' Etsy shop, but also has deals on larger sites.

Just interested in fashion? Barrie's the pro, but to my eyes, Style[ology]'s list looks like a great place to start.

And finally, if you want to sniff out your own deals, read Rachel Emma Silverman's post at The Wall Street Journal's blog, The Juggle. She's got tips galore, plus lower-cost ideas from her "friend and shopping expert Rachel Teichman."

Good luck, happy shopping, and don't get busted for working through your list at work!