December 17th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first our, the political junkie, and what falling interest rates could mean for you. In our second hour, military tactics that prepare soldiers for combat and the wisdom of pardons.
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December 17th Show

Here's a quick look:

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich tries to sell a senate seat, but keep his own... and Caroline Kennedy has her eye on the senate seat once held by Hillary Clinton. Hold on to YOUR seat. Ken Rudin will talk about this and other news in politcs on our Political Junkie segment in our first hour. Then, we'll talk about falling interest rates with Los Angeles Times financial writer Tom Petruno, and what it means to you.

In our second hour, we'll talk with Drew Sloan, a former Army Captain, and Colonel Charles Hoge, a Walter Reed doctor and director of the Division of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, about how the military prepares troops for war. Tactics include exposing the mind to war-like scenarios, running drills that simulate wounded and dead comrades, and training the mind to face fear. We'll find out from them if combat training prepares soldiers for what they actually face in war. And at the end of the hour, Kemba Smith will talk about her op-ed that appeared in USA Today and how her personal experience has led her to believe that clemency is "the only path to justice."