December 29th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, what the Obama administration needs to do about the violence in Israel and Gaza, and a black Republican talks about her mixed feelings on election day. In our second hour, who is responsible if someone has had too much to drink...
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December 29th Show

Israeli warplanes bombed Hamas targets in Gaza for the third straight day. This happened in retaliation against Hamas, who fired rockets at civilians in southern Israel after a six-month truce. In our first hour, we speak with three experts about the violence in Gaza, and what they think the Obama administration will need to do to foster peace in the region. Then on our opinion page, Sophia Nelson, a former Republican congressional staffer and an African-American, will talk about the mixed feelings she had on election night. On one hand, she was proud of Barack Obama's historic win, but on the other, she was disappointed by the lack of minority support for her own party.

The Talk of the Nation staff recently stumbled on a story about a couple who is suing United Airlines for serving the husband too many drinks during a trans-Pacific flight. The man was later arrested for beating his wife as they walked through U.S. customs. The couple want United Airlines to pick up the $100,000 tab for his bail, among other fees, claiming that United Airlines is responsible for the husband's violent outburst. The lawsuit raises an interesting question: Who IS responsible if someone has had too much to drink? We'll tackle that question from different angles in our second hour. Then, a New Republic correspondent on exposing what was a soon-to-be-published Holocaust memoir as a hoax.