December 9th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, "Buyology: Truth and Lies about Why We Buy," bad news and hard times in Chicago and your letters. In our second hour, actor Sam Waterston, and Jay Leno moves to prime time.
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December 9th Show

On the show today, we'll talk with author Martin Lindstrom about his new book Buyology: Turth and Lies about Why We Buy. Lindstrom is a marketing and branding expert and, according to him, there is science and hardwiring behind our behavioral patterns as consumers and why we buy what we buy. Lindstrom will be our guest in our first hour. Call or write and tell us what brands you can't live without and why, and we'll find out the REAL reason why some products may grab our attention (and our dollars) over others. Then we'll talk about bad news and hard times in Chicago— the Tribune Company backruptcy, a sit-in at a recently shut-down Chicago factory, and the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. At the end of the hour we'll read from your email and blog comments on our past shows including the prosecution of Lori Drew in the cyberbullying case, and a Dow Jones expert will tell us what the Dow Jones index actually tell us.

In our second hour, Jack McCoy will be in the studio!! Okay sorry. Sam Waterston, the actor who plays New York District Attorney Jack McCoy on Law & Order, will be in the studio!! So all you fans of the show, get your questions ready. I'm sure you have 19 seasons worth of them. And by the way, if you're used to watching Law & Order at 10pm, get ready to reset your clocks because it looks like the execs at NBC may be handing over that time slot to Jay Leno and a brand new nightly prime-time talk show. We'll talk about the big news with Bill Carter, the New York Times writer who broke the story. How risky is the move? And could this signal the end of the prime-time drama?