My Favorite: 'Mickey's Christmas Carol' : Blog Of The Nation There's no Grinchiness a little Mickey's Christmas Carol can't cure.
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My Favorite: 'Mickey's Christmas Carol'

Blame layoffs, blame random 60 degree days, blame Canada... But I'm having a hard time with Ye Olde Christmas Spirit this year. Barrie's not — a little later on today, we've got a show on TV Christmas specials coming up that's had her caroling around the office for weeks. My favorite didn't make the list for her show, but that's okay, it's not strictly a television special anyway. I had a hunch it wasn't, so I did a little digging. Here, for your viewing pleasure, I present Mickey's Christmas Carol:

I feel better already! Here's a bit of background: The animated short was originally released in the U.K., and then later in the U.S., in 1983. In the U.S., it was packaged with a re-release of The Rescuers, another Handel-family fave. It made it to TV the very next year, in 1984, and aired every year through 1998 on broadcast TV, which explains why it figures so prominently in my own Christmas memories. It has since been aired more sporadically — and on cable. I wonder why? Any other fans of Mickey's Christmas Carol out there?