The Religious Case For Gay Marriage : Blog Of The Nation Is Newsweek more interested in sales than substance?
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The Religious Case For Gay Marriage

Agree with it or not, the cover story in last week's Newsweek magazine, "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage," by Lisa Miller, was provocative. On the Newsweek website, there were comments galore. (Many hundreds.) On talk radio, and in the blogosphere, there were plenty of critics. What does all that translate to? Sales, Newsweek's editors and owners must hope. And that's not a bad thing for a company that announced it was cutting costs — and personnel — last week.

Central to many rebuttals of the Newsweek article was a sense of bewilderment, that the weekly magazine has started down a new path, trod by The Economist and others before it, with more opinion pieces and more provocation.

Jeff Bercovici, who follows the media for Portfolio, wonders what Meacham has planned for the magazine: "He'll talk about how Newsweek is focusing on being "provocative," on leading the discussion instead of following it with excessively high-concept cover packages." (A bible, with a rainbow-striped bookmark seems higher-concept-than-usual for Newsweek. Agree?)

Should magazines like Newsweek reinvent themselves? If so, what would you like to see? Analysis? Harder news? More pictures?