The Forgotten War : Blog Of The Nation In Baghdad, there isn't a full-time network news correspondent to be found.
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The Forgotten War

This morning, an article in The New York Times caught my eye. Brian Stetler, formerly of TVNEWSER, wrote about a new trend in network television news: less and less reporting on -- and reporting from -- Iraq. At present, none of the three major networks -- ABC, CBS, and NBC -- has a full-time correspondent in Iraq.

In his article, Stetler quotes Michael Yon, an Iraq-based blogger (whom we've interviewed on TOTN several times). In Yon's estimation, the change in coverage reflects an anticipated change in American foreign policy: "Afghanistan was the forgotten war; that's what they were calling it, actually," he said. "Now it's swapping places with Iraq." For many months, the networks didn't keep bureaus or correspondents in Afghanistan. Now they're ramping up there.

What do you think of the changes? Do you rely on network television news? Do you care if they have a reporter on the ground in Baghdad? Or Kabul?