Watching The What Drop? : Blog Of The Nation A giant bologna, a live opossum in a cage... Does your city or town drop something weird on New Year's Eve?
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Watching The What Drop?

Flagstaff, Arizona drops a giant pine cone. Source: cogdogblog hide caption

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Source: cogdogblog

Just came across this on an old colleague's Facebook update — watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve in Times Square is so 2008, apparently. Good ol' Wikipedia's got a list of the things dropped round the world to signify out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new. Here's a sampling:

Brasstown, North Carolina — a live opossum in a cage

Port Clinton, Ohio — a walleye fish, named "Captain Wylie Walleye"

Lebanon, Pennsylvania — a large Lebanon bologna stick

Mobile, Alabama — a giant electric Moon Pie

McDonough, Georgia — Nugget Drop at Truett's Grill

So what do you watch drop at the end of the year? Or, do you have a nomination for your town to consider? I'll get the ball (haha) rolling and suggest an enormous lighted blue crab on the city dock for Annapolis!