Chat And Drive And Lose Your Phone : Blog Of The Nation A modest proposal from a Hawaii lawmaker: Talk on your cell while you're driving, and lose your phone.
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Chat And Drive And Lose Your Phone

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Source: Michael Smith/Newsmakers

It's a modest proposal, as simple as that. Hawaii state senator Clarence Nishihara, a democrat, has advocated for more than a simple fine if you get busted driving and using your cell phone. According to Truemors, he says those who don't shut up and focus on the road should face "confiscation of their beloved cell phones. He's a former school principal, a pro at effective discipline, it seems."

I don't know about you, but around D.C., where we have a cellphones-while-driving ban, no one seems to give a hoot about the law. If you talk&drive or text&drive, would you stop if you knew you could lose your phone?