I Miss CES : Blog Of The Nation I'm not at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. And neither are some ten thousand other people, based on early reports. But you can still OD on gadgets from afar.
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I Miss CES

I don't get to go to the Consumer Electronics Show this year, but I'm trying to follow the reporting. And this year is different. The economy is in the tank, people are spending less, and gadget makers are paring down displays and getting back to basics with many gizmos. Here's a little light reading...

NPR: Recession May Affect How Gadgets Pitched At Expo

Going in, the recession is the No. 1 worry, but consumer electronics is a retail industry that is in better shape than many others. The reason, marketers say, is called nesting. When the economy is bad, people want to stay home to be entertained by their electronics.

BBC: Tech show bucks global downturn

Big themes for the show included a big focus on mobile video, location services via handsets as well as net access and broadcast technologies for cars.

WIRED: Cheap Thrills: Gadget Makers Bet on Budget Gear in 2009

A few titanic, feature-heavy SLRs (Exhibit A: Canon 5D Mark II) will sail through CES but so will a fleet of thrifty shooters that anchor cheap thrills by way of thoughtful touches. Look for small shooters that incorporate printers, Wi-Fi, and web browsers.