January 21st Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, the Political Junkie, the benefits of being OUT of political office, and your letters. And in our second hour, the lessons of FDR's New Deal programs.
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January 21st Show

Here's a really quick peek:

Today, on the Political Junkie, NPR's Ken Rudin will look at the job ahead for newly sworn-in President Barack Obama. And Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley will talk about the constitutionality of a misread oath. And now that there has been a changing of the guard (and political parties), Los Angeles Times columnist Jonah Goldberg will explain why he believes conservatives may find "real benefits to being out in the wilderness." We'll end the hour with your letters about how you listened to — and heard — yesterday's Inauguration Day events.

In the midst of a severe financial crisis in the country, guests will talk about the lessons of the New Deal, a series of programs initiated by Franklin D. Roosevelt, which Obama and his advisers say has inspired their proposed recovery package. Our ender topic is coming up. Stay tuned.