January 6th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's TOTN: The U.S. and Israel, what's in a recipe, and Blue Note Records' birthday party.
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January 6th Show

Hello everyone! Gwen's hard at work on our second hour show -- more on that in a moment -- so here's what you can expect on Talk of the Nation today.

In our first hour, Israel. The U.S. government has long had a policy of supporting Israel to the tune of about three billion dollars a year in military aid. Those are dollars on top of considerable political and diplomatic support. So, we'll have Stephen Walt and Aaron David Miller on to opine on what sort of influence that translates into, and how the U.S. should use it. We'll follow that discussion with something altogether different: Who owns that recipe? I read recently about a dispute between a food blogger and America's Test Kitchen over a recipe the blogger revamped then posted on her website. America's Test Kitchen asked her to take it down, prompting our conversation on the ethics and legality of printing and sharing recipes. When do you get to call a recipe your own?Strike that! Turns out the dispute may not have gone down how we thought. Still an interesting issue, but we're working on something else instead. Stay tuned!

In our second hour, sit back and just listen. We're celebrating the 70th birthday of Blue Note Records, with three fantastic guests -- Bruce Lundvall, Blue Note's current president; jazz historian and archivist Michael Cuscuna; and Blue Note musician Bill Charlap. They'll regale us with stories and insight, and we'll also hear plenty of the label's amazing releases. Enjoy!