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I feel for this guy... The Smoking Gun reports that a spokesperson in US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's office made a "remarkable screw-up" when he emailed reporters a copy of a criminal complaint, accidentally including the names of confidential witnesses.

In announcing felony charges against two men for their roles in an alleged $15 million Ponziesque swindle, the spokesman for Chicago U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (he of Rod Blagojevich- and Scooter Libby-prosecuting fame) e-mailed reporters a 62-page U.S. District Court complaint filed against John Walsh and Charles Martin, principals of the now-defunct One World Capital Group. Included in the document was a one-page key that identified by name sources referred to in the complaint only by monikers such as "Employee A," "Customer D," or "Individual F."

The sender reportedly realized his mistake -- and sent an urgent note asking journalists to destroy the complaint. SG posts the list of names, blurred of course.