Bernie "Made Off With My Money" Madoff : Blog Of The Nation Would you put a bobble-head Bernard Madoff doll on the dashboard of your car?
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Bernie "Made Off With My Money" Madoff

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When I was a kid, my dad had a hula girl on the dashboard of our minivan, and a Gumby doll in the cup holder. This post, on The Guardian's Deadline USA blog, caught my eye:

A Phoenix, Arizona toy company is adding to its line of celebrity dolls (which already includes Barack Obama and Brangelina). There's now a devil-suited, pitchfork-wielding Bernard Madoff, sold with a hammer so you can bash him over the head (still, innocent until proven guilty).

The price is a bit steep - but then again, so was investing with Bernie. The $100 (??70) gag gift is sure to show up under the Christmas trees of the few, the proud, the smug, the rich New Yorkers whose portfolios suffered a less than 20% loss this year.

Would you put one in your car?