'Angel Dust' On The Upswing : Blog Of The Nation Arrests involving PCP are up in Washington, D.C. Are you seeing mentions of PCP in crime reports where you live?
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'Angel Dust' On The Upswing

The front page of The Washington Post carried scary news today: PCP is making a comeback in D.C.:

D.C. police, prosecutors and drug testing agencies are bracing for more PCP-related violence. Ten percent of adult defendants now test positive for the drug, the highest rate in five years, according to D.C. Pretrial Services. The number of people with PCP in their system arrested on murder and sexual assault charges jumped to 12 last year, up from three in 2007.

PCP's an especially worrisome drug, as "it often increases aggression and perceived strength and numbs physical pain," according to Inspector Brian Bray, head of the D.C. police narcotics unit.

It's a patently local story, but at the same time, it's unlikely D.C. is an anomaly. Have you seen any mentions of PCP in the crime reports where you live?