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As Seen On TV Smackdown

This morning, Scott brought this bit of genius to us in the morning meeting... a book about the history of infomercials. I'm a total lover of the As Seen On TV genre (I'm the proud owner of a Slanket, which is the PRECURSOR to the Snuggie) as well as several different lint removers. That's why I watched the Shamwow Vs. Zorbeez smackdown with real interest. I do not own either product, but anything Billy Mays endorses, I wanna clean with. That's why I was so invested — and shocked — by the outcome! From Popular Mechanic:

The Zorbeez measures 19-1/4 x 27-1/4 inches. The Shamwow, at 19 x 23 inches, soaks more despite its smaller size. A cold-water rinse of the beer-soaked rags caused heavy saturation of the Zorbeez, but the Shamwow sprung back after wringing and seemed to have already shed most of the moisture. Dry times in the sun proved otherwise—after 5 hours in cool air, the Zorbeez had become dryer than the damp Shamwow, though neither clammy rag felt ready for storage. After one use, the Zorbeez began shedding fibrous blonde tufts, while the Shamwow retained its rubbery integrity. Both products smelled awful.

Bad smell? Sounds like a job for Orange-Glo, Billy!