Do You Use 'Mail Goggles'? : Blog Of The Nation How did I not know about Gmail's "mail goggles" tool?
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Do You Use 'Mail Goggles'?

There are likely few among us who haven't had an "Oh, crap!" moment after sending an email, often because we've sent it to the wrong person, or hit reply-all instead of just reply. My all-time favorite, though, is the drunk-sends that come through late at night*. Well, Google's here to help. The company has announced "what one of its managers referred to as a "Gmail embarrassment reduction pack." It includes an undo-send, pretty useful, which joins my favorite existing Gmail feature I didn't know about: mail goggles. According to Slate's Michael Agger, mail goggles "require you to answer math questions before sending late-night mail on the weekends." Hilarious! Do you use the goggles? What other Gmail features should I embrace?

*This past year is the first I've had email at home since dorm living, so I've been spared this particular embarrassment. Texting, though, is a whole 'nother story.