Finally, The "No Prize!" : Blog Of The Nation Supermodels Ken Rudin and Neal Conan pose in the official Political Junkie trivia NO PRIZE!

Finally, The "No Prize!"

Shirt reads: OFFICIAL WINNER! This shirt is a genuine Talk of the Nation Political Junkie NO-PRIZE which you have just won! Certified by: Ken Rudin, Political Junkie, Neal Conan, Host. Sarah Handel, NPR hide caption

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Sarah Handel, NPR

You hear something like this every week, when someone gets the correct answer to Political Junkie Ken Rudin's trivia question:

CONAN: (Laughing) Mark, thanks very much. You're the winner of this week's No Prize.


CONAN: All right. Thanks very much.

RUDIN: Neal, one of these days there has to be a prize for the No Prize.

CONAN: There has got to be a prize for this - there's got to be a prize for the No Prize.

And now that moment has arrived! So be sure to tune in to our Political Junkie segment every Wednesday, and get your dialing finger ready for a new trivia question. YOU JUST MIGHT BE A WINNER!