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I thought of Sarah's earlier post as I did my daily reading...

Thanks to Michael Tomasky, an editor at The Guardian, I found a new website called Fix CNBC. The motto of the site: "Jon Stewart made the case. Now we're demanding action."

The group has written this open letter to CNBC:

Americans need CNBC to do strong, watchdog journalism -- asking tough questions to Wall Street, debunking lies, and reporting the truth. Instead, CNBC has done PR for Wall Street. You've been so obsessed with getting "access" to failed CEOs that you willfully passed on misinformation to the public for years, helping to get us into the economic crisis we face today.

You screwed up badly. Don't apologize -- fix it!

CNBC should publicly declare that its new overriding mission will be responsible journalism that holds Wall Street accountable. As a down payment, we ask you to hire some new economic voices -- people who have a track record of being right about the economic crisis and holding Wall Street executives' feet to the fire.

Please show us that you hear our voices loud and clear.

There are, as Tomasky says, "a number of distinguished signatories" so far. 1,241 in total! Are you on the list?