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"Giddy Yap!"

A few months back, I was in Denver, for the Democratic National Convention.

As I left Denver International Airport in my little rental car, I spotted a giant sculpture of a mustang, in electric blue, with bright red eyes. I thought it was awesome. Apparently, many Denver residents are of a different mind.

They think it is menacing. Foreboding, even! Not what you want to see as you're getting ready to hop on board an airplane... What's craziest? The sculptor, Luis Jimenez, died tragically, when part of the mustang's torso fell and crushed him.

The sculpture has catalyzed a big discussion in the Mile High City, apparently, which probably rages in towns and cities across the country. What is the role of public art? And does that role depend on location? What do you think?

(For photos of the bucking mustang, check out this website, started by opponents of the sculpture.)