How Real Is Reality TV? : Blog Of The Nation Buzz around The Bachelor finale has us wondering: How real do you think reality TV is?
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How Real Is Reality TV?

Fair warning: I'm about to write a post on a TV show I do not watch. OK?

So anyway, much of the buzz on the Internetz the past few days has been about the ABC reality show, The Bachelor. Apparently, bachelor (or is that Bachelor) Jason Mesnick proposed to one woman, Melissa, in the show finale, then, gasp and horror, dumped her for the other finalist, Molly, in the post-season special. Drama! Bloggers have been speculating that the network planned the whole switcheroo, which show host Chris Harrison denies. In a blog for Entertainment Weekly, he writes, in duplicate, "We are not responsible for, nor have we ever scripted, the ending of this show."

So, we have a category called "Buzz" in our morning meeting, and this certainly fit the bill, though I was pretty sure it didn't fit our show. My boss pointed out, though, that it might be time for a reality TV check-in. Do you just assume they're all fake? Do you watch them? What's your favorite*?

*Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew all the way, baby! Go Quest Crew!