March 10th Show : Blog Of The Nation Inour first hour, alternatives to layoffs and "bilingual" Obama. In our second hour, the impact of The L Word, and the end of "retro talk".
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March 10th Show

While many companies are laying off their employees in the current economic downturn, other companies are, instead, reducing the number of hours employees can work and cutting back on salaries to decrease labor costs while hanging on to the labor force. Guests in our first hour talk about different alternatives to layoffs in cutting down company costs. Then, we'll talk to Dawn Turner Trice who writes the "Exploring Race" column for The Chicago Tribune about how President Obama and other politicians use "coded" language and mannerisms to connect with different ethnic groups.

After six seasons on Showtime, The L Word aired its final episode last Sunday. The L Word was the first series to feature an all-lesbian cast of characters. Guests in our second hour talk about the impact the show has had in the gay community and whether or not the representation of gays, lesbians and transexuals on television has changed people's attitudes toward them. Then at the end of the hour, Ralph Keyes, author of "I Love it When You Talk Retro", talks about where long-forgotten catch-phrases in popular culture originated from, and why we may be nearing the end of "retro talk" in our conversations.