March 19th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, populist backlash and AIG, and the stars of the off-Broadway play "Distracted". In our second hour, Big Love controversy and farewell to Battlestar Galactica, and the financial collapse in Iceland.
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March 19th Show

One hundred and sixty-five million taxpayer dollars are going to the same employees at AIG who were responsible for it's downfall, and public anger and resentment continues to build. A new Gallup poll shows that three-quarters of Americans want the government to block or retrieve that money. In our first hour, we'll talk about the populist backlash against the rich and the political elite, and find out from you what people are saying in this ANGRY moment. Then, we will talk to actors Cynthia Nixon and Josh Stamberg, the stars of an off-Broadway comedy called "Distracted." Nixon and Stamberg portray a couple wondering if their son has ADD and if so, whether medication is the answer.

Since the most recent episode of Big Love aired on HBO, many Mormons are outraged, believing the show's producers crossed the line by depicting an endowment ceremony that prepares faithful Mormons to leave for a mission or to be married. The ceremony normally happens in secret, behind the closed doors of a Mormon temple. In our second hour, we'll talk about whether or not there are lines within religious rituals that Hollywood should not cross. Then, we will say goodbye to Battlestar Galactica in its final frakking hours. Are you a fan of the sci-fi series? Quick, tell us the fate of the human race!!! At the end of the hour, Vanity Fair editor Michael Lewis will describe his recent trip to Iceland and why he believes the country's financial system there has collapsed (and why the Range Rovers are exploding).