PCP Rise Debunked! : Blog Of The Nation Jack Shafer says the Washington Post is all wrong about PCP.
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PCP Rise Debunked!

Well, according to Slate, the Washington Post article I parroted here is a crock of, well, IT. Jack Shafer dug into the numbers, and concluded,

The press corps gives into their readers' worst fears when reporting about drugs, embracing the most sensational or dramatic aspects of the story. And worst of all, the press routinely fails to cross-check information provided by law-enforcement sources. When reporting about PCP, Klansmen, child molesters, and terrorists, most reporters would just rather not challenge anybody's preconceptions.

I fell right into the crock, easy prey since I live in the city, and while my block is lovely, there's plenty of police activity all around. Thanks and props to Shafer, and I look forward to seeing whether the Post responds.