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Snowed In

Do you remember a favorite snow day? Mine happened when I was very small, not yet even school-age. Growing up, my best friend lived across the cul-de-sac (I know, how Mayberry, right? Best part? She's still my BFF.). One winter, in the early 80s, it snowed so heavily that it was impossible for us to get to one another's houses, so our moms (desperate to get their daughters OUT of the HOUSE no doubt) shoveled toward one another and met in the middle, creating a snow tunnel so that we could play together. I still remember the taste of hot chocolate mixed from powder, the warmth from my mug with the bear in the bottom resuscitating my frozen fingers. But most of all, I remember walking through that tunnel of snow, dense white nothingness on both sides of me, my home behind me, and my best friend ahead.

We're, once again, going to ask you to remember your favorite snow day for today's show. You can write in early if you'd like, through the comments section below.