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If you're a regular reader (Mom, Dad), you'll know that I ocassionally write about the newspaper industry on this blog. Yesterday, I came across this new site on The New York Times's web page, called "The Local," which piqued my interest.

The site is comprised of two new blogs, one for Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn; another for Maplewood, Millburn, and South Orange, New Jersey. Each one is moderated by a Times journalist. Residents of both neighborhoods can write posts, ask questions, suggest stories, highlight local color, submit photos and artwork, etc. It's journalism at a hyper-local level.

On a Q&A on the Brooklyn site, Andy Newman asks the big question: "How on earth does the Times expect to make money off this?"

And he offers an answer: "We're not sure yet. This is very much an experiment. As this venture grows, we're hoping that a business model will emerge from it. If you're a fledgling Internet entrepreneur and you have an idea -- well, you can contribute to The Local, too."

What do you think of the site? Does this sort of journalism have potential where you live?

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