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Artist Christoph Niemann's NYC inspired bathroom. Source: Spacing Magazine hide caption

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Source: Spacing Magazine

Ahh, Talk of the Nation, my home. Here I am, about to be crushed by the mail on my desk (I'm debating whether or not to pay young Gura $5 to open it for me), unable to remember how to do my job, and yet — I am strangely content. Maybe I already got knocked in the head by my trash pile. In any case, fresh off a digital media training*, I've been thinking a lot about how images tell a story. Now, I'm a chatty gal, so this is fairly new for me. (Why would you use anything but your wordholemouth and hands to tell a story!?) But Christoph Niemann's beautiful images are so marvelous that I have to admit, they beat text, words and even my waving appendages. Ew.) Please, please, please, go look at his cable story, and then go to the Lego post — if you aren't cheered by the latte image, than you have no heart. I desperately wanted to post one of these images on our blog, but had to settle for a picture of Niemann's bathroom, which I think still conveys how he's mastered cross between literalism and whimsy.

*I hate that term, but that's what they call it around here.