April 29th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, supersized Political Junkie looks at Sen. Arlen Specter. In our second hour, getting notice (and hired) in a new economy, and the best and worst college rejection letters.
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April 29th Show

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Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter was a guest on Talk of the Nation this past Monday, and during his interview, he told Neal Conan that he knows the polls look bleak, but that he's "working on a gameplan" to stay in the Senate. Yesterday, the Republican became a Democrat. This new "gameplan" is so big that today we've decided to supersize our Political Junkie segment to the full hour. (Ken Rudin will be so happy!!) What does this mean for the Democrats and the Republicans? And what's in a (party) name, anyway? We'll find out.

The rate of unemployment is rising across the country, and so are the numbers of people looking for new jobs. Standard wisdom says it's probably time to polish up your resume. But with people showcasing their talents on YouTube and networking on Linkedln, are resumes relevant anymore? In our second hour, we'll talk to the head of hiring for Southwest Airlines, with a social media specialist and a human resources consultant about how to get noticed in the current job market.

Then, have you been collecting your college rejection letters? Tell us about the worst (and, surprisingly, the most comforting) rejection letters you received from that (fingers-crossed) college you applied to.