April 30th Show : Blog Of The Nation Coming up on TOTN: Talk of the World Global Jukebox. What are you listening to in Kenya, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica? Then, the case for home funerals, and reports from health care workers on swine flu in the US.
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April 30th Show

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The Global Jukebox
Who is dominating the music scene in your country — and how are YOU discovering the new talent that's making you hum, tap your toes, or shake your hips? Talk of the Nation becomes Talk of the World in today's first hour. We'll check in with Nairobi DJ Adrian Washika in Kenya to hear what he's spinning these days. We'll talk with Bannine Eyre, Senior Editor at AfroPop.org. And internationally acclaimed musician Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick joins us to talk about what it takes to get noticed across borders, and how his band, Incognito, hit #1 on iTunes in Italy.

The Case For Home Funerals
Max Alexander built a casket for his father-in-law with plywood and screws from Home Depot. He washed the body with water and lavender oil, in the comfort of the living room. His mother-in-law held her husbands hands, and spoke to him. In the second hour today, we'll talk about the movement to home funerals. Many argue they're more intimate, more comfortable, more cost effective, and better for the environment. Max Alexander shares his story. And Lisa Carlson, author of Caring for the Dead: Your Final Act of Love joins us. We'll also talk with funeral director Glenn Taylor about this trend, and how it changes his business. If you have experience with home funerals, tell us your story.

One Step From Pandemic
The World Health Organization is telling people to brace for the next flu pandemic. They've raised the pandemic alert to its second-highest level, phase 5. Nearly 100 cases have been confirmed in a dozen US states. Health officials continue to stress that there is no need to panic. At the end of the second hour we'll talk with health care providers about what they're seeing and hearing from patients.