April 7th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, Cuba travel restrictions lifted, and Sir Michael Caine. In our second hour, international adoptions and John Hope Franklin remembered.
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April 7th Show

President Obama seems to be poised to make good on his promise to loosen travel and financial restrictions for Americans with relatives in Cuba. In our first hour today, guests will talk about how the president's pledge will affect U.S. relations with Cuba, and how it could play out within Cuban-American families. Tell us what you think about the new changes. We especially want to hear from Cuban-American listeners. What are you and your family saying? And do those opinions vary by generation? At the end of the hour, Academy Award-winning actor Michael Caine will pay us a visit, to talk about his long-running film career, and his latest role as a retired magician, navigating the beginning stages of dementia. The British drama is called, Is Anybody Out There?

Thousands of Americans adopt children from other countries each year. Their reasons may vary, but many have to face difficult questions like: What country do I choose? And why adopt internationally when so many kids in this country need parents? Guests in our second hour will discuss all that's involved in international adoption, and how the decision to adopt from a foreign country can affect the lives of American families and children in need. Then, we'll speak with
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., about the legacy of historian John Hope Franklin, who passed away late last month. Gates wrote a tribute to Franklin for The Root.com entitled, "John Hope, the Prince Who Refused the Kingdom."