Here's A Solution : Blog Of The Nation It's your turn: Tell Talk of the Nation What Works, and we may do a segment based on your tip!
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Here's A Solution

Talk of the Nation's staff scours the Internet daily looking for the good stuff to cover on the show, but we can't get to everything. What's more, we know our audience is smart, and you've got loads to contribute. So here's your chance: Do you know of an example of what works? A solution to a problem that your community, office, or state has tackled and solved?
Did your county council figure out how to get dog owners to pick up after their pets?
Did your office take steps to conserve energy, and actually see a drop in its energy bill?
We want to know what the problem was, how you — or they — solved it, and what evidence you have that your solution works. So tell us: What Works?