Missing John Madden : Blog Of The Nation John Madden meant more to pro sports than sloppy X's and O's; he created a genre of television sports, and taught many fans everything they know about the game.
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Missing John Madden

John Madden gets plenty of love -- and his share of gentle ribbing, too (BOOM!). As he plans his newly announced retirement, he's been all but eulogized in the press. One of the most thoughtful takes on Madden's retirement came from Leonard Cassuto in today's Wall Street Journal. John Madden not only entertained us for decades, he wrote, he made us smarter:

From an unlikely perch in the broadcast booth, Mr. Madden has been serving as America's teacher. Using complex diagrams and -- dare I say it? -- intellectual explanations, Mr. Madden gave the average fan credit for wanting to know more than just who caught the ball. His memorable turns of phrase ("boom!") have given whimsical cover to the real work he's done making his students -- anyone who watches sports -- better, more alert, more knowledgeable viewers. If Howard Cosell showed that televised sports offered more than just a game to watch, John Madden honored their significance with his in-depth approach to announcing.

Intellectual or not, got a favorite Maddenism?