Reading The Zeitgeist: Pirates!! : Blog Of The Nation A book for those who can't get enough of adventure on the high seas...Frenchman's Creek.
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Reading The Zeitgeist: Pirates!!

It gives me great pleasure when I can recommend an old book because of a new(ish) story, and the past week's breathless pirate siege has given one of my favorite books new life. Cornish novelist Daphne Du Maurier is best known for her gothic mystery-romances, such as Rebecca, but to my taste, her very best novel isn't a mystery at all, it's a PIRATE romance. Frenchman's Creek features a bored housewife, a French pirate, and general heaving between the two. Go forth and get a copy. One more reason to go pick it up and take a vacation while you fly through it? The sexiest sea-sickness scene (don't say that out loud) in all of boat-lit. It begins with the removal of a pair of ruby earrings. HOT.